Appsolutely Inspired: Getting listed in the AppExchange

Appsolutely Inspired: Getting listed in the AppExchange

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Learn from the expert

This video, hosted by our lead developer Dan Nicholson, will break down the steps you need to follow to make your completed app available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Dan has completed this procedure multiple times and is able to give you insider tips and tricks to make your listing go as smooth as possible.


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After watching you’ve learned the following:

  • Understand how to complete your package
  • Know your way around the partner community app listing
  • Understand the security review process
  • Know how to create Trialforce templates
  • Understand how to launch your app on the AppExchange


Who is the host?

The video is hosted by Dan Nicholson. Dan is a Lead Developer with 15 years of experience in Software Development. He has worked on AppExchange app development for over 4 years on over 20 apps. For two years, he also managed a team within Sage on one of the largest AppExchange apps available at the time with over 400 lightning components.


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