Appsolutely Inspired: Einstein Analytics: Bring your Salesforce Data to Life

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This video, hosted by our Senior Salesforce Consultant Gaspar Rodriguez, will guide you through the Einstein Analytical tools and show you how you can benefit from this smart solution.


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  • to understand the Einstein Analytics tools available 
  • how Einstein Analytics can interact directly with your Salesforce data and Salesforce Community Cloud
  • how to develop and design simple Einstein Analytics assets 
  • from other data stories and use cases
  • the limits of Einstein Analytics.


Who is the host?

The video is hosted by Gaspar Rodriguez. Gaspar Rodriguez believes technology should be used to bring out the best in our society. He is a 7X Certified Senior Salesforce Consultant with 9 years of Salesforce experience in various roles, having designed and implemented more than 30 Salesforce and projects in over 20 countries, with customers in multi-cultural and multilingual environments.


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